New to Mizzou

Summer Welcome

A student’s transition to Mizzou is shared by the whole family. Attending orientation in person or virtually can help families get to know the resources, services and people who will also be a part of your Tiger’s first year at Mizzou.

Topics to discuss

Who is paying for what?

New experiences often bring up new expenses. Discuss who will pay for tuition, food, housing, clothing, phone, health care…

How will they manage a budget?

Checking their bank or meal plan balance often will help Tigers show how things add up.

If dining plan meals don’t add up as quickly as expected, Tigers can adjust their plans or their habits.

When and how often will you talk or visit each other?

Talking & visiting less often can be hard, but it can be a sign they are settling in.

What is their plan if they need help with academics?

Learning about and gathering academic resources early will make it easier to bounce back quickly.

Where will they go if they feel sick or have an emergency?

Student Health & Well-Being physicians provide the same services as your hometown family doctor and can often provide same-day or next-day appointments.

The Student Health Center’s 24/7 nurse line (573-882-7481) can help your Tiger find the best option.

Has your Tiger…

Signed up for MU Alerts? (and you, too!)

You and your student can sign up receive text alerts if there is an emergency that could affect the health of safety of those on campus.

Submitted Mizzou ID card information?

It’s the key to food, fitness, activities, residence halls and more.

Checked their MyZou privacy settings?

Only your Tiger can give you access to billing and their records.

Established an accommodations plan with the Disability Center?

Establishing a plan before the semester starts will help make sure accommodations are ready from the very first day.

Given their immunization records to the Student Health Center?

Submit records now to avoid a hold on your Tiger’s account.

Taken the Year One College Behavior Profile?

Required survey that provides feedback on Tigers’ alcohol and marijuana use.

Downloaded the Residential Life move-in checklist?

Know what to bring — and what to leave behind.

Received a copy from you of their insurance card?

…Or has a photo of your card and knows the policyholder’s date of birth.

International students

Transfer students