Advice A-to-Z

Academic advising

Undergraduates are assigned to academic advisors and receive information about their advisors when they first register for classes or shortly after.

Help your student find tutoring, academic advising, help with deciding on a major, career-exploration services, disability accommodations and more at the Undergraduate Advising site.

Academic records

Your student can request a transcript or a certificate of enrollment through the University Registrar’s website.


The Office of Student Accountability & Support carries out the university’s educational mission and goals by supporting students as they navigate challenging situations. Accountability & Support is responsible for facilitating the conduct procedures for the campus. The office aims to protect the rights of all members of the university community by providing interventions for the resolution of conflict as well as providing opportunities for individual growth and development.


Students have 24/7 online access to current charges, financial aid and other billing information through myZou.

Students can grant individuals the ability to see their university billing account and make payments through TouchNet. Information on how the student can add authorized users is available on the Cashiers site. Authorized users will receive emails that will provide instructions for them to establish their own login and then will receive notifications when statements are available and that payment is due.

Books and supplies

One of your earliest visits to campus should include a trip to The Mizzou Store. The Mizzou Store is owned and operated by the University of Missouri. Every purchase you make at The Mizzou Store supports students, faculty, staff and campus initiatives.

Check out Let Your Major Be Your Guide for computer recommendations by department.

Career planning and jobs

Be supportive of your student’s options for the best career path. Remind them to check to find on-campus jobs and information about career fairs and events. Encourage your student to visit the Career Center for help with employment and career development.

Certificate of enrollment

Students may obtain certificates of enrollment for insurance providers or other parties in person or online though the Office of the University Registrar in Jesse Hall.

Civil rights

The Office for Civil Rights & Title IX coordinates non-discrimination and equity efforts throughout campus and is responsible for enforcement of policies, education efforts and serving as a central resource to those that encounter discrimination.

Disabled students and accommodations

Mizzou’s mission is to provide academic accommodations and support services, within the resources of the university, which will ensure that disabled students have the opportunity to competitively pursue a college education. Visit the Disability Center for more information.


Electronic consent (eConsent) allows students to use myZou to access and manage account, registration and financial aid information online. Once a student accepts eConsent, they may designate additional authorized access (AAA) to a parent, guardian or other individuals. AAA allows the designated individual to access the student’s account for academic, financial aid and directory information.


Free Application for Federal Student Aid .  The Department of Education and MU use FAFSA to determine students’ eligibility for federal, state and institutional financial aid, including grants, educational loans and work-study programs. Students must apply annually. Mizzou’s FAFSA priority deadline is Jan. 5. To learn more, visit


The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that ensures the privacy of students’ educational records and gives students the right to inspect and request amendments to those records.

Grades, course schedules and transcripts are among the data considered to be educational records and not directory information. In accordance with FERPA, the university can neither discuss nor share non-directory educational records with anyone other than the student, including parents, without the student’s written permission. Waivers may be obtained at the request of the student. This request by the student can now be made online.

For more information, visit the University Registrar’s FERPA page.

Financial aid

The Office of Financial Aid provides information about assistance paying for school, loan information, and scholarship opportunities.

Financial well-being

The Office for Financial Success (OFS) is a free and confidential resource for students to discuss personal financial management.


Students may view and print their grade reports on myZou. The University of Missouri will disclose information from education records to parents only with the written consent of the student.

Health and well-being

The University of Missouri is committed to supporting student health and well-being in a network of care that includes the Counseling Center, Student Health Center, Wellness Resource Center and community providers. Visit to learn more about medical care, behavioral health and counseling options.


Mail is delivered to the residence halls Monday through Saturday, except on holidays. When a package arrives, the recipient is notified through Mizzou email and can then pick up the package at the front desk.

Missouri residency

Establishing residency in Missouri is the process of becoming a citizen of the state of Missouri. Students need to document that they live here, have earned a certain amount of money here and have obtained state documents, such as a Missouri driver’s license. The Registrar’s Office is responsible for processing applications for Missouri residency, and lists all requirements and steps in the process online.

Mizzou Safe

Mizzou Safe puts safety resources at your fingertips. Smartphone users who download the free Mizzou Safe app can report tips to the MU Police Department, make emergency calls using location services, and perform other functions that improve their personal safety. Download now.

Mizzou One

The Mizzou One webpage and mobile app compiles all of Mizzou’s online resources into one searchable database. Related resources are grouped into categories to help students easily find what they need.

MU Alert

This online emergency information center is the official location for updates on campus emergencies. Families can receive updates by texting “GetMUalerts” to the number 67283, following @MUalert on Twitter, or visiting the MU Alert website at


MyZou is an online system that allows students to look up their student number, search for and enroll in courses, view their class schedule and grades, view and pay their bill and update personal information.

Off-campus living

Off-Campus Student Services provides students who are currently, or are considering, living off campus, with the resources necessary to have positive off-campus experiences.

If your student is planning to live off campus, discuss how study habits, finances and other responsibilities may change.

Parking and transportation

The University of Missouri operates a pedestrian-friendly campus. Since most classrooms and residence halls are located within a short walk of one another, motorized transportation seldom is necessary.

For information about shuttle buses, parking permits, bicycle registration, disabled-parking permits and other transportation matters, consult the Office of Parking and Transportation Services.


The MU Police Department (MUPD) is an accredited law-enforcement agency that supports a safe learning environment. MUPD also offers free escorts to on-campus destinations. Students may call 573-882-7201 to request an on-foot escort by one of our security officers or campus safety officers.


The university’s academic policies include topics of interest to family members such as enrollment, registration, grades, records.

The Office of Academic Integrity has an online section on academic integrity to support family members in helping their student understand how to avoid cheating and plagiarism.


The Office of the University Registrar has complete information on registration.

Student success

The Student Success Center is home to Academic Exploration and Advising Services, Academic Retention Services, the Career Center and the Learning Center. There students can help with tutoring, academic and career transitions, employment and/or admission to graduate schools.

Study abroad

Studying abroad offers students the opportunity to study outside the United States while earning college credit. Study abroad options are available for most majors during an intersession, the summer, a semester or academic year. Financial aid and scholarships apply to most programs, and other grants and scholarships are available specifically for study abroad. Learn more at International Programs.

TouchNet authorized user

A student may grant a parent, guardian or other individuals access to TouchNet — Mizzou’s online portal for bill payment and statement information. Authorized users can view monthly billing statements, account activity, 1098T forms and make payments.

Tuition rates

The Office of Cashiers can help you determine tuition and fees, navigate the billing and payment process link, or setup online access of student financial information through TouchNet.


The Learning Center‘s goal is to provide instruction that deepens and enriches students’ understanding of the classes in which they enroll. Just as faculty members need colleagues to review their papers or research findings, students need tutors, teachers, and peers to review, analyze, and assist them with papers they write and the academic problems they encounter.


Federal work-study (FWS) provides students with part-time employment during the school year. The federal government pays a portion of the student’s salary, and the university pays the rest. Eligibility is based on need. Bi-weekly earnings are distributed directly to the student through payroll (i.e., not applied to university charges). Students awarded FWS are responsible for searching, applying and interviewing for available jobs through the Work-Study Employment Office. To learn more, visit